Monday, June 02, 2014

Just A Quickie Part Deux

7:00 PM and I'm still at my desk working.  Rik is in the other room muttering angrily to his laptop (first day of school and the website isn't working right), and my "what do you feel like for dinner" question was met with my favorite answer EVER:  "Surprise me!"  (yay me... sigh...)

When in doubt, grill meat.  Especially meat you find on sale.  Yup.  Yay me.  For real!  

Here was dinner:  

I found a London broil on sale for $9 that will easily provide leftovers for the week.  Since we're eating clean again, I decided to forgo marinade as it's usually full of sugar and stuff, and used a rub.  I used the store brand BBQ rub and it was fantastic!  Only 11 calories per serving (took 3 servings to cover the cut of meat)!  

And aluminum foil is my new summer friend.  I sliced mushrooms and onions and put them in a foil packet with a single pat of butter on top.   Put mushrooms on first, then top that with onions, and then the pat of butter.  Seal it up so that all that moisture from the veges cooks them and all the juice from the onions flavors the mushrooms.  Mmmm....

I cut the corn cobs in half, and wrapped two to a pack in foil after sprinkling them with grilled vegetable season that I picked up a few weeks ago that we've become addicted to that of course was just a promo at the store and I now can't find anywhere!  (sad face).

After the grill was hot, I put the foil-wrapped vegetables on first.  I put them on the half of the grill I'd preheated to medium and the other half on high.  Set the timer for 10 minutes, and when it went off, I tossed the meat on the grill turning it once after about 8 minutes until it was pink on the inside.  

And HERE was dinner!

With very little leftovers save the meat!  My entire meal, including watermelon for dessert, was a total of 364 calories and took about 10 minutes to prep with almost no cleanup! :D  

So Grasshopper.  When you too are met with the "Surprise me" answer when you were actually hoping for direction: Grill.  Meat.  And veges.  You won't disappoint!