Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Deli Takeout For the WIN

Yup.  We totally had Silvermine Subs for dinner tonight.  And. 



Delicious. :)  

And I'd do it all over again tomorrow if they didn't make me fart like a man.  :D  And, in the spirit of confession, I totally stuffed my face with a Baby Ruth while I waited for all the healthy food to ring up in the grocery store.  In the famous words of Ferris Bueller, "Sometimes you've just gotta say what the %$#@"! (It too was delicious).  After all that preaching in my earlier post , I totally didn't plan ahead or take my own (good) advice!  In fact, since we're still being honest, while I was writing that post this went on in my head:  "Wow!  Those Uber bars are really stinkin' good.  So good in fact, I think I need to read the package to find out what's in them."  I then got up from my desk and got the one remaining bar out of the drawer in the kitchen, took it to my desk, read the ingredients, and then commenced eating it while I wrote the rest of the piece.  That was around 1 this afternoon.  I therefore became the object of my story.  For the second time in a week.

So it's snowing here.  Again.  But I felt like all I had was FOOD food, big people food...like vegetables, salad, and precooked grains, in the house, so I made a grocery store run (i.e., we were out of bread and fruit)...(and apparently I needed a candy bar).  

Here are the receipts:  

This trip I spent $73.  This will last us the rest of the week.  Remember, you can't totally count Sunday's receipts because the bulk of that went to the party.  This, however, is just for personal use.  

Did I mention it's snowing?  I totally want to go get in a hot bathtub and crawl into my super comfy giant bed with my super awesome still-fairly-new husband and watch TV (or something), so I didn't prepare stuff.  I got lazy.  It happens.  

But I did fire up the grill and cook that steak I got on sale so he has it for his lunch tomorrow.  Snow and all!  In the famous words of every country song ever, you've gotta take care of yer man!  

So, in lieu of tonight's dinner recipe, I won't bore you any further. Here's the recipe for that Warm Chicken Barley Salad that Rik loves.  He said to tell you that its even better the day after you make it when it's had time for the flavors to blend.  

Warm Chicken Barley Salad

1/2 c. Barley, rinsed well
1 c. Water, lightly salted
1/2 c. Frozen Peas
5 Green Onions chopped
2 ounces of spinach leaves (or just a good fat handful) coarsely chopped into smallish bites.  You can also use collard greens or kale.  Remove the woody stems.
1/2 a package of fresh Mint (I of course use the Melissa brand) (actually, that's the only brand our store sells), stems removed, leaves only
8 oz of Grilled Chicken
4 Tbsp. Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook the barley in the lightly salted water until all of the water is absorbed.  Use a pot about twice as big as what you actually need to cook this amount of barley.  It's going to turn into your mixing bowl.  Take it off the heat when it's done cooking but leave the lid on.  
Dump in the peas, onions, and spinach leaves and put the lid back on.
Dice up the chicken breast and add it to the barley and veges.  
In a food processor or blender (I've used both: the food processor works the best), add the olive oil and the mint leaves and pulse until it turns into a pesto-like sauce.  You'll still be able to see individual pieces of the leaf.  It won't become liquid.  Add salt and pepper to this sauce until it tastes a little bit saltier than you actually want the dish to taste.  Let it set for about 5 minutes for the salt to dissolve.
Pour it over the warm barley and veggie mixture and stir.

You can eat this immediately while it's warm, and its also delicious cold for your lunchbox.  This has become one of Rik's favorite lunch staples.  It's super easy to make, will last for at least 2 meals, and is another of those super healthy but totally good for you dishes.  

Something that I want to remind you of real quick:  When you're eating healthy, it's a strange mental switch to have to make sure you're getting enough salt and enough fats.  Adding olive oil helps this.  Throwing in a tablespoon of coconut oil into your morning smoothie is another way to do this.   And of course eating more good fats like fish, avocado, and raw nuts always help.  For your brain to function at an optimal level, it needs 1.4 to 4.6 grams of Omega 3 fats and 8-14 grams of Omega 6 fats per day.  When you can pronounce everything you're putting in your body, you're probably going to need to make sure that you're also putting enough of these good fats in as well.  Without them, not only will your acuity fail, you can also begin to feel depressed.  So make sure you add in that nice slice of fish to your dinner or a tablespoon of chia seeds to your yogurt.  

Tomorrow I'll make another post with step-by-steps on how to prepare the food you need for the rest of your work week.  

Wherever you are tonight, stay warm my friends!  I've got a bubble bath waiting for me!