Wednesday, May 08, 2013

My Newest Accessory

True story....

The kids left home about five years ago.  Since then I've continued to drive my 'Mom Car': a 2005 Chevy Equinox that's seen better days.  I've always bought the car that made the most sense; the vehicle that was best for the family.  In fact, the main selling point on the Equinox was that the back seat would push back giving growing boys more leg room along with extra space for soccer bags and fishing poles!

Friday night My Person and I were headed out to the movies and I was driving.  Remember, he knows cars.  As in, can diagnose something just by listening to a noise or hearing a good description of someones trouble.  And he's as good with cars as he is with his costuming.

Him:  "That noise is coming from your car, right?"
Me:   "Yah...I think it's the suspension."
Him:  "Yah...I know what that noise is and it's not long as it been making it?"
Me:   "A few months now...I thought you knew about it!"
Him:  "No.  Nope, didn't know about it."

Long pause....

Him:  "We're getting you a new, now."

As most of you know, I work two jobs.  Not because I enjoy working 16 hour days most days, but because like so many other people, I'm trying to dig myself out of a financial hole.  I'm getting closer to China...I can see through the dirt now and can almost see daylight.  But I'm still digging.  Because of this, what I can afford will greatly influence what car I buy.  And no matter how cheap the car, financing is going to be ugly.  Really ugly.

Or so I thought.

He found a Mini Cooper on line yesterday and sent me an email link.  I knew it was 'the one' the instant I laid eyes on it.  A lovely dark slate blue with black stripes down the hood and...dare I dream.... a convertible.

In my price range.

We went to look at it last night.  And, because I'm such a lucky girl and he's SO so good to me, he helped me get the financing to a car that's pretty close to my dream car and definitely more than I ever imagined I'd  ever get to own myself.  He insisted on helping me because he wanted me not only to have something reliable, easy on gas and safe, but also (in his words) "...something fun...something nice.  Because you deserve it!  Not just something reliable that will get you from point A to point B because that's all you can afford, but something FUN."  He knows me pretty well: this car will be FUN.

I don't think I'll be buying matching shoes any time soon, but I may actually have found my ultimate accessory!

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