Thursday, May 02, 2013

More Trends I'ts Okay To Fall In Love With

I've never been one for lighter colors.  I lean more toward black or the jewel tones myself and always have, although I can't tell you why.  My closet is full of reds, dark blues, deep purples and burnt orange.  And in summer, I tend more toward summery fabrics rather than lighter colors.

That's all about to change.

This year we're seeing pastels all over the place, either alone or showcased together in floral prints.  From bits and bobs that you can add to a monochrome outfit, to purses in lemon-ice yellow, and jeans in robin's egg blue.  Or even entire monochrome outfits in the palest violet.  Pastel is IN.

This is another one of those trends that I'm loving, though for me it will require new clothes.  Fortunately I know where to buy them where we can all afford to shop and we'll talk about that shortly :)

Pastels have actually been 'In' since last spring.  We just weren't ready to give them up yet, so designers in their wisdom know a good thing when they see it, and have upped the ante by adding flowers.  That means we get to keep the pieces we picked up last summer and just add to them this summer!  How thoughtful of them!

If you're not into the flowery pieces, just start with the simple!  But even adding a flowered scarf in soothing mints and blues can bring your favorite power suit up to speed.

Pastel skinny jeans are all over the place.  I picked up a gorgeous pair of the palest blue Arizona brand, similar in style to those above, at JC Penney last weekend on clearance for $4.

If you want to participate in this trend but don't want to have pieces that may be wayyy out in five months, you can do this slowly, a little piece at a time, and add a few of the following to your wardrobe.

  • It costs about $6 to purchase enough beads and stretchy string to make yourself a cute new necklace!  Check out place like Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  For a dollar or two more, you can make a matching bracelet and earrings!
  • Right now on sale racks at places like Walmart and Target, there are stretchy rings and earrings in all the hottest pale colors.  Most of them can be found on clearance!  You can also check out places in the mall like Claire's and Ice to shop sales for great finds under $5!
  • Only have a couple of dollars?  Hit the corner drug store.  Brands like 'Wet&Wild' and 'NYC' have lipsticks in all the cool shades for under $2!
  • Walmart and Target are good places to look for things that are trendy and inexpensive items that cost a little more than a couple of dollars like a new purse, pair of shoes, or scarf.  Something that you're not sure is going to last style-wise through years, long enough to buy quality.  But if you want a cute new bag for the summer in a bright pastel or print, or a quick pair of kicks, this is your best bet.
  • Don't forget places like Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon!  These can be excellent resources for something chic and cheap!
If you go with a new purse like the one pictured above, you don't have to be in it for the quality if it's just a fun, trendy piece you're adding to your wardrobe for kicks.  For under $20, you can pick up a purse very similar to the one above, or a pair of ballet flats like those pale blue lovelies up there, and you won't be heartbroken when summer ends and you find you've worn out the bottom, or the lining on the purse hasn't stood up as well as the Coach bag you lucked into at the consignment store last month!  But if when August rolls around you find that you've come to love that pale yellow bag and want it as part of your collection, you'll be able to grab a good quality one at outlet or flash-sale shops like Ideeli or even one of the shoe clubs like ShoeDazzle or JustFab, usually buy-one-get-one-free as retailers make room for the new fall lines that are arriving.  Think of it as test driving fashion!

How These Trends Apply To Us Real Girrlz

Again, using what you probably have in your closet, you can add one or two (or more if your budget allows) and bring your regular clothes into the Spring 2013 collection!  Go to the Deal of the Day page on this blog and check out some of the stores I've featured.  Most have a good clearance or sale section in which you can find any and all of the items suggested below.

This really is the year for trends for real girls!  I can't think of a year that I've been more excited about what's IN than I am this year.  It's fun to Chic things up, and I'm tellin' ya, you can do it On The Cheap!