Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It Don't Matter if You're Black or White...or Broke

There are a number of trends this Spring that I really love, and a few I won't be touching with a 6-inch heel!   Not sure if you've noticed, but the 80's are back and they've brought their neon and shoulder pads!  I know that sometimes women our age tend to look at trends as frivolous.  Something for younger women.  Or we don't have the money to follow them or keep up.

But I'm gonna have to disagree with you, sister.  And I'll tell you why here shortly.

The Trends

The Spring Fashion Week in New York had some of the trends that stick out most in my mind.  I'm really loving the white-on-white: solid monochrome at its best (followed closely with black and white, and black-on-black, but we'll get to that shortly!)

pic cred: StyleBistro  -  Designer: DKNY
There's something crisp, clean, and bright about a completely white outfit.  Throw in a pop of color like some fuchsia pumps or a checkered bag, and you've got an outfit that is far removed from your corner baker and ready to walk down any major street in style.  If I try this one myself though, it will be with a backup change of clothes in my bag as I'm the biggest klutz when it comes to keeping white white.  That may be why I wear so much black come to think of it...

As mentioned, right on the heels of monochrome white is the black and white ensemble.  I've always loved that look.  And it struck me most in the Vera Wang Bridal Collection for 2014.

Pic Cred:  Tom & Lorenzo - Designer: Vera Wang
I love the drama of it...and the fact that it gives a nod to the freaky 15-year-old I once was who lamented to her mother that if she ever deigned to marry, it would be all in black and held in a cemetery.  Yah...creepy.  And this was before Goth and cutting!

Pic Cred:  Tom & Lorenzo - Designer: Vera Wang

But isn't this just fantastic?!  Simple lines bold black on creamy's a perfect confection.  And I'm already designing the cake that would go with it!

Not getting married anytime soon?  Then do what I do and grab yourself a hot pair of black and white pumps.  These Penny Loves Kenny 'Ronny' peeptoe platforms are available at for $69.99.

I find the black/white contrast to come of very mysterious for some reason.  Maybe it's the whole light/dark, good/evil, "black and white" aspect of black and white that's the draw.  This year, this trend was given to me for Admin's Day in the form of the ShoeDazzle 'Ailish' from my manager in the form of a gift certificate.  Should be here tomorrow!  (So glad I ordered last week as they're now completely out of stock.)

If you follow the Today's Outfit page, you'll see that I own a lot of chiffon shirts, things that are very filmy and transparent, that go under a blazer, tucked into a power suit with a coordinating frilly bra underneath and just a hint of it seen to the outside world.  LOVE that.

Pic Cred: Style Bistro  -  Designer:  Nanette Lepore NY Spring 2013
The sheer panels, appropriately placed, can be a design wonder giving just that hint of skin or lacy bra that sets your outfit apart from all the other suits in the office without being bawdy or offensive.  And the bright colored statement shoes...who doesn't love an outfit that takes an amazing pair of shoes and builds up from there?!

I was going through my closet last weekend (when it was 80 degrees, a far cry from our current high of 18 and blizzarding), and found this adorable short sleeved shirt that I got from my  mom as a hand-me-down.  It's very similar to this (below), but the bits of you that show are the bits of you that generally look good no matter size.  I'd wear it anywhere!  Well, maybe not to work.
Geometric shapes are another fun trend to buy into.  We're seeing this a lot in shoes right now, and the shoe goddess be praised!!  I mean that sincerely.  And this is yet another trend that defies age.  Doesn't matter how old you are, what you're position is in your company, or what your office dress code is made up of. Geometric statement shoes or shoes with cutouts can be part of a fantastic outfit.

I was recently asked by a friend to help her find the perfect pair of shoes for her wedding day, and have therefore spent the last couple of days looking through literally thousands of shoes on line.  And ladies, I've discovered Nirvana.
I love the cutouts in heels right now...they add a sense of design to a shoe, taking it (in my opinion) from common functionality to a work of art.

Or the adorable seesaw heel on these polka-dot pretties.  Not sure how easy they'd be to walk in, but they sure are cute!

How These Trends Apply To Us Real Girrlz

There really is a lot to like in this springs fashion trends, many of which you already have in your closet!  I'm guessing if you're anything like me, you've got at least one black pair of pants, a black shirt or sweater, and a bright pair of shoes.  BOOM! you're stylish!

Right now, I have all of this in my closet.  Throw it all together, and I can walk into my office tomorrow in an outfit very similar to ones seen in magazines right now.  And I didn't have to go shopping!

Same goes for the one above!  Absolutely no need to hit the shops.  And you've probably got something similar sitting in your closet right now!

The moral of the story is, this years trends are totally doable no matter how old you are.  Not everything is all about sparkly nail polish or earrings with feathers.  If you keep an eye out, you'll always be able to find a trend that you can participate in with the clothes you have in your closet.  Sometimes it's about how you pair them together, or maybe what you can pick up on the cheap to accessorize with!

So jump in!  Participate!  And it's always fun to see what new outfits you can create with stuff already on hand.