Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Splurges You Can Afford Today

For so many years I just couldn't justify spending any money on anything for myself beyond the absolute necessities.  I experienced actual guilt when I purchased something that wasn't for the house, for the kids, or related to a bill.  Granted, there wasn't a lot of extra money.  But when there was a little bit, it went to something 'reasonable' like paying extra on something or something for the kids.
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Now that finances aren't quite so tight, I still have a twinge from time to time, but it isn't really stopping me if I find a good deal, and having that little bit of leeway feels so good.  I work really hard for my money.  It's nice to be able to play with some of it!

No matter what you're finances are like, I guarantee there is something on this list that you an afford today.  And retail therapy really does do a mental body good.  If you can find a way, treat yourself to a little deserve it!

1.  Simply Vera Wang Smoking Flats - Kohl's Originally 64.99, 
     on sale for $19.49

2.  Striped Maxi Dress - Forever21 Originally $19.95 on sale for 

3.  Nine Pairs of Earrings in Turquoise - H&M for only $5.95
4.  Qupid Lana-66 - ZooShoo regularly priced at $21.90 on sale 
    for $12...and free shipping!  (also in pink and black!)
5.  Goodnight Moon Sunglasses - Free People $18 and they 
     come in three other colors!

6.  Print Legging Pants - Uniglo in seven colors!  originally 
     priced at $19.90, on sale for $14.90
7.  Canvas Striped Casual Loafers - DWDS $6.99!

8.  Relaxed Stretch Bracelet in Red and Gold - Target regularly 
     $9.99, on clearance for $4.95
9.  Melie Bianco Wristlet - Amazon on sale for only $9.99 with 
     free shipping!!!
10.  Adorned iPhone Case - Free People was priced at $32 but is on sale for only $9.95

Never underestimate the ability of one small purchase to brighten up your day.  We all work to get paid.  But we also need the motivation to keep working by treating ourselves to a little something every once in awhile.  Trust me on this one.  If you haven't treated yourself to something, even something little, in so long you can't remember, do it now.  I promise you won't regret it :)