Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Ok, Maaaayyyyybe...

maybe might be spring.

This morning while I was getting ready for work, the news was running in the background and I happened to overhear that this weekend is Daylight Savings time.  Or, as I like to call it, How DARE You Steal An Hour of My Sleeping Time (I kill you).

So the sun is up on my drive to work now.  We're having the odd day here and there that actually tops out around 60 degrees. The sun is shining most of the week and hasn't technically set on my drive home at the opposite end of the day.

All of this means that I might actually begin talking about spring fashion.  I know that technically we're still a few weeks out from solstice yet (March 20 for those of you who are counting), but honestly, I've cheated a bit and done some window shopping recently and LOVE the new colors!  That gorgeous mint, the pastel corals, ruffles that are just that tiny bit girly without being girly, polka-dots, cream-on-white, blue the color of the sky on a spring day when there are just those mare's tail clouds floating lazily by and just looking at the color makes you hear bees....Did I mention I love the new spring stuff!

Yes, I wear a lot of black.  But I think it may be time to bring in some of the more girly colors into my wardrobe.  I was at Ross last night and picked up this gorgeous dusky rose-colored cardigan with 3/4 sleeves and a lace ruffle (not too ruffly of a ruffle...just a gorgeous, serpentine-type combination of sweater and lace running along the edges) picturing it with grey cuffed slacks and a cream-colored tank, and thought that I might be more 'girly' than I've previously been willing to admit.  For some reason, I've always equated that with 'weak' in my mind and tend to have a little edge to how I dress.  But the colors I'm seeing on racks right now aren't making me think 'weak'.  They remind me of sunsets.  And colors I've seen on the beach.  My favorite Monet paintings.  And kittens.

Yeah, kittens...not sure why.

But I'm gonna jump into this one wholeheartedly I think.  And now that I'm losing weight, there's actually a need to replace things that are slowly becoming far too big to go unnoticed.  I'll keep you posted!