Thursday, March 07, 2013

Nailed It!

It had been a few weeks since I'd had the time to get my nails done, and by the time I got in the other night on my way home from work, they looked as though I'd been in a particularly brutal fist fight and lost.

As usual, I had them shorten the nails, and this time decided on a bright, fire engine red having been most disappointed with my previous choice, a bright blue that looked entirely different in the bottle than it did on my actual nails.  Once finished, top-coated, and dried to perfection though, they were lacking that something that I like to see when I leave the shop.  There's a Sally's Beauty Supply right next door to my salon, so I dropped in just to see what might catch my eye, and found these cute little appliques that are made to look like lace overlay!  Aren't they adorable?  

They come out of the package looking very similar to these for under $5, though I was unable to find the exact brand and style that I picked up.  You paint your nails, make sure the pain is nice and dry, and then cut the strip to fit each nail, apply where you'd like them to be, and then coat with a topcoat of clear polish to set the applique.  

I found that one package provided enough of each strip to complete a single hand with matching style, so my right and left hands don't technically match.  But I was able to apply this myself without any assistance, and really liked the look!  Now that I know, next time I'm in I'll pick up two of each package so my hands will match!