Monday, March 04, 2013

"I don't have a single thing to wear"

I had one of those mornings today.  I stood in the shower (which incidentally is right outside the closet door and from which, when turned outward, lends a view of most of my clothes) and eyed it with a deep sense of trepidation.  

I get out of the shower and dry off as I'm standing there in the closet looking at aaallllll the clothes that are in it (and ladies, you've seen my posts and my Polyvore know what's in my closet!), and am completely overwhelmed with the whole thing.  But I'm not seeing the closet as a makeup of its individual parts.  I'm seeing Clothes.  A wall of Clothes.  Nothing is jumping out at me to toss on and call it good.  

I look up and up to my boxes of shoes.  I'm one of those women who generally dresses based on what pair of shoes I want to wear on any given day.  I know it's supposed to snow at some point, so out go the open-toed shoes and sandal types.  If it's gonna snow, it's gonna be cold which means my little office will be freezing, so out go the skirts/boots.  That leaves pants/shirt/blazer.  Or pants/sweater/scarf. 

Or gobacktobedandskipthewholedamnthing.  
Unfortunately that last one wasn't an option or it would have happened.  Instantly.

When in doubt, wear black.  According to My Person, I must live in a constant state of doubt then, because he's always telling me I wear too much black.  But anyway...ok.  The black wide-leg trousers.  

What shoes haven't I worn in awhile?  Hmmm...the cobalt peep-toe platforms that I got on sale that are super comfortable and will be good if there's snow on the ground by end of business.  Down comes the box, and back we go to the clothes.
The cobalt Oscar De Laurenta blouse that I found at a thrift shop for $2.50 but retails for $200?  I thought I noticed a spot on the sleeve last time I wore it and can't remember if I laundered the spot out...  The sheer cobalt blouse it is then!

Black blazer to go with the slacks? is Monday, the Dressiest of All Dressy days of my week as that's the day that most people fly in from other sites for their visits.  And last week did bring with it an inordinate amount of VPs from all over.  Ok.  Blazer it is.

Tights.  Definitely tights.  I've made the short trek into the bedroom and am now standing in front of my dresser, clothes laid out on the bed, idly wondering if they're being covered in dog hair as I dither about looking for undies.  

Socks.  Yeah, it's gonna be that cold today.  Socks too.

I walked out of my house, on time, and arrived to work exactly 1 minute early looking just fine.  Good thing there's no reason anyone needs to know how wishy-washy I am...I think I'll lay out tomorrows clothes tonight before I go to least then my dithering won't make me late for work.