Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sun'll Come Out...

Driving home from a party in downtown Denver on Saturday night, My Person and I were talking and enjoying the drive through the snow that was gently falling.  The roads weren't bad, mostly wet, and it was a beautiful drive with hardly any traffic on the interstate, and we got home safely.  That feeling of crawling into bed, warm and safe with someone you love, is pretty hard to beat.

Sunday morning, we woke up to snow blowing so hard you couldn't see the main road from our house (generally easily viewed) with piles of the white stuff deep and drifting near the front door, enough that we had to literally dig out to take the poor dog outside!

She of course loves the snow, and took every opportunity to get out in it, much to My Person's annoyance as you know that one time you ignore her whine, you're gonna regret it!  So, cold and wet notwithstanding, out they'd go again. :)


By mid afternoon, the snow had drifted up almost to the top of the tires on the Jeep, and I drove to the grocery store since we were out of food as Sunday is shopping day, and there didn't appear to be an end in sight!  (And the store is less than 2 miles away).

Walking out to my car, I waded through thigh-deep drifts to get to my own car.  Something about how the wind blows over the building that makes it drift in front of the door and completely block in our cars.

Just before it got dark last night, the snow eased up and we could see the foothills again, and this morning we awoke to the picture below, and roads that I've rarely seen more slippery.

Knowing Colorado, it could be 70 by the time I leave here at 5.                      ~M