Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar Night Win!

I totally forgot last night was the Oscars!  And how horrible of me to post on our snow storm rather than all the amazing fashions that I've since seen from last night's awards!

I've got to say though, that of all the amazing dresses, I've got to go with Helen Hunt's H&M navy silk satin strapless dress for the big win.  H&M created this gorgeous ensemble through an eco-friendly line of clothes called the 'Conscious' collection.

New York Times Article

It's rumored that she wore it as part of a business deal with H&M who is planning a "red carpet" collection in some stores in a few months, and apparently this exact dress won't be available as part of this line, but appears rather to be a teaser, just to get us interested in the whole thing.  This is according to H&M's Head of Design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, taken from a brief article in today's New York Times (link below the picture above).  She stated that "the look" would, approximately, go for about $650.

Of course, that didn't include the $700.000 worth of diamonds that apparently covered the back.  (I'm hoping/guessing she checked that they weren't blood diamonds first?)