Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peeling Away The Layers

My office is cold.  I'm talking don't-you-dare-wear-a-skirt-to-work-or-your-legs-will-turn-black-and-fall-off kind of cold.  I sit at a large granite desk, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, and can't ever seem to get warm.  Doesn't matter if it's mid-summer or the dead of winter:  I'm cold.

I have the cutest skirts that have rarely seen the light of day just due to the temperature under my desk.  Last winter, our Information Technologies department switched out my old computer with a new high-efficiency PCU, and the exact level of 'efficiency' was noted immediately...on my feet and legs.  That old computer had pumped out heat like nobody's business, and having it suddenly ripped from my poor bare legs was quite the shock!    Due to the location of my desk, being surrounded by glass and granite, there isn't a lot that can be done to change the environmental heating in the area without cooking out everyone within the general vicinity.  

But how to stay warm and still look 'fantastic dahhhling'?  My day-to-day work 'uniform' is usually slacks, a button-down blouse with a blazer, or a tank-top and cardigan...feminine, functional, and definitely not reminiscent of the deep freezes of the polar reach.  But I can sometimes pay for that look, shivering under my desk and trying not to touch that frigid granite!Blog
  • Try wearing thick tights under your slacks.  I've taken to wearing tights even under my pants and have noticed a significant change in temperature on my legs and thighs, parts of me that tend to stay cold once they get cold.
  • If your good work shoes will allow for the extra room, wear some trouser socks over the tights.  It seems that most work shoes, or any shoe for that matter that is just adorable and you can't live without, isn't particularly comfortable, and won't generally keep your tootsies warm!  Of course that isn't going to stop me from wearing them.  But doubling up on the foot underwear has helped a lot.
  • Try wearing and a 'cheater' spandex tank-top under your blouse, or even a long-sleeved undershirt.  I've found some cute thermal underwear that goes specifically underneath work attire, at Ross, usually under $10!  They're thin, but are made of the material used by mountain climbers and outdoors-men  lightweight, but very, very good at keeping in your precious body heat.  And if you want to add a little bit of control to that top, Spanx and their generic versions are easy to come by and fairly inexpensive at stores like Ross and Marshall's.  I have a few undershirts with spandex that I wear under my more sheer blouses that not only provides support, but also helps to keep the core body temperature warm. 
  • Make sure that the pashmina or scarf that you grab for the day can double as a wrap if you get chilly.  Again, my favorite place to pick these up is at Ross.  You can always find them generally for around $5, in a variety of colors and styles.  They're lovely pieces to have as an accessory, or in this instance, survival gear.

  • When choosing your blazers, make sure you get one that is lined.  This can make a big difference in being able to maintain warmth during these cold winter months, even indoors.
Though there still remain days that I huddle beneath my heavy winter overcoat in between clients, blowing warm air on my hands, I think I've come to a solution to keeping warm while still being immediately identifiable as a woman underneath the layers.