Monday, January 28, 2013

My Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane Shoes

When I wear my Mary Jane shoesI can escape from the bluesThe whole world seems a little bit brighter, brighterMy heavy step gets a little bit lighter, lighter

If you're not familiar with Fergie's 'Mary Jane Shoes', maybe you're at least familiar with the feeling.  Do you have that pair?  The ones that, when you pull them out of their box and slip them on your feet, you walk just that little bit taller?  And I don't mean in inches. :)

That shoe for me tends to change pretty often.  Right now, they're this pair, an actual take on a Mary Jane: the ones My Person gave me for Christmas.  For some reason, when I put these babies on I feel like a million bucks.  Doesn't matter what's going on with me that day, how big the workload, how much I'm dreading going to work or how tired I am.  When I put them on, I feel fierce.  Unstoppable.  A force with which to be reckoned. (I know that's proper written English, but I like the verbal version better:  "A forced to be reckoned with"...but you get it).

Sometimes it's not the shoe, it's the outfit.  I haven't had one particular one in awhile, but am in constant search of a new one.  Last summer, it was this one: the wide-leg trouser (they're just so 40's glamorous, aren't they?), the chiffon shell and the black & white spectator pumps, topped off with the extralong ropes of pearls with a couple of long thin gold chains thrown in....whenever I put this outfit on in the summertime, I felt like I owned the place.  And by 'The Place", I mean anywhere I happened to be standing while wearing it.  
The feeling goes way beyond just simply looking good.  When you look good, whatever that definition is for you, you approach things differently.  More self-assured.  More certain.  More present.

You're you concentrate.

It took a lot of years for me to figure this out.  And in my job, I have to come off as confident and at ease with myself so as to make others feel the same and thereby do my job correctly.  I set out an outfit the night before, but almost always find that my idea of what I'll feel most confident in changes by morning.  For instance, last night I set out those cream-colored wide-leg trousers pictured above, a navy blue polka dot blouse, and some navy sandals.  What I wore to work was a dark cobalt blue chiffon blouse, black slacks and blazer, with cobalt blue platform peep-toes!  I find I wear black more when I feel the need to hide just a little bit.  Sometimes there's a real reason, like I feel like a popped tube of Grands biscuits, and other times that reason is so subtle I can't put it into words.  I think today's reason was just 'Monday'.  The need to hide from the day itself....  (just a note:  It didn't work.)

But, for me, this is the absolute coolest thing about fashion: we express our moods with it (see above).  Our moods are affected by it (again, see above).  Certain colors are reserved for certain occasions (think white for weddings, black for funerals).  We have longstanding 'rules' about it that can sometimes affect our relationships with our mothers (remember 'No white after Labor Day' or, most recently 'We don't wear pantyhose anymore and no one thinks we're skanky mom"...ohhh know what I'm talkin' about!) or our bosses (slingback sandals used to be outlawed in the workplace for being 'Too suggestive').  Fashion goes far deeper than pulling out a t-shirt and throwing on some jeans.  Actually, that's a bad example.  My Person almost exclusively wears t-shirts and jeans, and I've seen him change t-shirts three times of a morning until he finds the "right" one for the day!  It's as complicated as eating and our relationship with food.  And I find that fascinating!

I have this daydream that in my searching through all those racks in my favorite second hand stores, I'll eventually have a collection hanging in my closet that, no matter what I pull out and in what combination, I'll feel "that" feeling every day.  
And I hope you can too :)