Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Iron Fist 'Death Dance' peeptoe
Iron Fist 'Foxtrot' convertible bag

Today's Deal of the Day

is brought to you by JustFab!  I picked up this gorgeous Iron Fist open-toed beauty along with the matching purse at their currently ongoing Buy-One-Get-One sale!  They have over 500 shoes, bags, accessories, and selected denim to choose from right now, and like I've said before, this is one of the best times of the year to get fantastic deals as "old" inventory is moved out to make room for the new season's inventory.  Considering winter is only half over, there will still be plenty of time to use those fall and winter colors that were originally just unveiled to us mere months ago!  Though My Person sometimes laughs at the pink Shoe Dazzle, black JustFab, and red-white-and-blue USPS boxes that are sitting at the front door when he arrives home before me, even he is getting in on the action!  I saw three new boot boxes (not mine...his!) in our closet yesterday, so it's catching!  Shoe clubs are a fun way to shop in that you take the style quiz and the clubs' stylists create a showroom just for you based on your preferences of color, style, and heel height.  These also include bags and accessories, and the quiz is fun to take.  The first of every month, you're sent an email letting you know your showroom is ready and, if you're like the rest of us, you immediately click on the link to check them out!  But remember, with most shoe clubs, if you decide not to purchase that month, you need to remember to click the 'Skip the Month' link on your showroom page within the allotted time period, usually 3-6 days, so that you're not automatically charged the club price.  In the three years that I've been part of the clubs, I've never once forgotten to do this and had that nasty surprise of $40 magically zapping from my account to theirs.  Just make it a habit and this is never a problem. There is also a discount on your first purchase, and both clubs have a loyalty program.  Each pair you purchase is worth points, and points are also given if your friends sign up on your recommendation.  Get enough points, you get a free pair or bag!  Here's a link if you'd like to join.

Iron Fist 'Foxtrot' slingback
While we're on the subject, those cute Day of the Dead print shoes and bag above are from the same collection as this houndstooth print 'Foxtrot' open-toed slingback already sitting in  its bright red box on the top shelf of my closet from early last year, and one that that never fails to garner compliments whenever I wear it.  The Iron Fist brand is very well-made and incredibly comfortable, and I totally recommend them even for all day wear.  And the 'Iron Fist' brand is generally sold on and Zappos for consistently $20-$40 more than JF is offering them to us through the shoe club.  Well worth checking out!
JustFab 'Lourdes' boot
Another recent purchase, again for an amazing price, is the 'Lourdes' boot from Shoe Dazzle.  These gorgeous knee-high boots with gold buckles look amazing with jeans, a black t-shirt and blazer, or  like I'm wearing them today, with a long black silk skirt and red sweater set with over-sized long gold chains and matching bracelet to coordinate those buckles.  We jokingly refer to these as my 'snow boots'. :)  They were regularly priced at $42.95 (club price; more on, and are now on sale for $30.07 (though I got them when they were 50% off for quite a bit less). If you'd like a new pair of shoes but don't have the extra $40 lying around, or don't want two pairs like they're offered at JF right now, Shoe Dazzle is doing a 30% off sale and a 50% off sale on selected shoes and boots.  A very sizable collection in most all sizes.  Their service is impeccable  and they've now changed the website in that you can join without the fear of being charged the member price of $39.95 if you forget to 'skip the month'.  It's straight up, pay as you order now, no longer so much like a club, and more just like a fantastic site full of really cool shoes all about the same price.  You'll still do the style quiz and have a showroom sent to you the first of the month.  You just don't have to remember to skip.  Along with signup and access to the sales, you get a discount on your first pair just for signing up!  Here's a quick link if you'd like to join! 

Both SD and JF offer the opinions of their shoe buyers attached to each shoe they offer.  This takes some of the angst out of ordering shoes online without being able to first try them on.  Find a shoe you like, and you can read the reviews of people who have purchased the shoe before you, letting you know if the shoe is comfortable, true to size (TTS), if the color in person is as true as it appears on line, etc.  In this way, you can avoid a lot of the common problems associated with online purchasing of something that is going to be carrying your weight around all day!  I've come across many a gorgeous platform or stiletto that, after reading the attached online reviews, never got further than that review page, and for that I thank them!

Remember, all purchases as these two sales are considered final, and are not available for exchange, so do your homework.  There are few things worse (well, there are a lot of things worse, but you know what I mean!) than opening up that beautiful pink or black box, unwrapping the tissue, slipping on something new and wonderful, and then finding that you can't stand in them much less walk!  But if you're careful, know your size, and read the reviews, this will minimize any issues you might have.  In all honesty, I've only sent back two pairs out of probably 20+ that I've purchased from shoe clubs over the years.

I'd love to see some of your purchases and hear your stories about fantastic finds and amazing deals!  Be sure to post in the comments, and leave a picture if you can!  Or you can email me at

See you tomorrow, and happy hunting!!!