Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Land of the Free and the Home(land) of the Dull

Over the holidays I had some time off from both jobs, and we watched two entire seasons of Showtime's 'Homeland', the show that even President Obama says he takes the time to watch, and we really got into it.  The story line is about a man who comes back home after being a prisoner of war in the middle east held captive for eight years by an Osama bin Laden-type character, and his reintegration into society after reuniting with his wife and children, turning into a spy himself, and all the drama that then ensues.  It's a great show, has some amazing actors, and I like the plot.  

I know this is nuts, but the part I found least believable was that all of those women working in the FBI and CIA offices were dressed so badly, seriously to the point of distraction.  I know there's probably a method to why they're all dressed in such uninspiring outfits, and the show is nothing about fashion.  Maybe that's the reason the main female character, Carrie, played by Claire Danes, drove me so nuts.  Pictured right, she wears the same two (or three?) monochromatic suits, usually in shades of grey, with similarly boring blouses underneath.  I know her character isn't supposed to be consumed with fashion.  But really...wouldn't she at least own something in a color pallet that can't be found on the side of my car after driving in the snow?

My Person and I love sci-fi shows, and I tend to get caught up in the stupidest things on which not to believe.  Like in The Avengers:  So there's a doctor who turns into a huge green man when he gets angry, a WWII hero who was frozen in ice after crashing his plane (he could have landed it in various ways in his own movie/comic, but chose for some unknown reason to crash-land in the ocean where he was frozen for years and then revived!), a guy with a bad ticker who has it replaced with this radioactive genius tool that makes him into a bad-ass, gorgeous flying geek....I could go on...but the part I can't believe is that the group of them in the final fight scenes are actually communicating without any visible evidence of an ear piece.  Or walkie.  Or telepathy.  And when Captain America holds his hand over his ear to talk like he's shielding a mike from the outside noise, I laugh every time.

Not that I expect her to dress like that other Carrie (I miss that show...sigh...), but couldn't they do a happy medium?  I could still see the grey suit, but how bout some color?  Kim Cattrall was the fashionable business woman in SITC (see that hot red suit?!   A little 90's, but seriously!!!) and always looked the part.  I used to love watching her 'costume' changes on that show as she always looked what I imagined a successful New York Business Woman should be.

So I guess I'm stuck watching Homeland for the content. :) (Yah, I got nuthin' today)