Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Another Summer Almost Ended...

It's been so long since I posted, I had to reset my password because I'd forgotten what it was! Apologies! I will try to be more diligent in my postings. I've been so busy this summer, and the weather has been so beautiful, that I've not only not really spent any money on clothes, followed trends, checked out sales, or even bought more than a couple of pairs of new shoes! (yes, that says more than anything right there!)

For those of you who might not know, Rik and I spend about 8 weekends every summer going to the Colorado Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado. We get up on a Saturday morning around 7a, throw on clothes we don't wear anywhere else, and drive the 90 minutes or so to the other side of Denver where we then get out of the Jeep, Rik puts on a sword, his hat, and a few other finishing touches, and then cinches me into my corset choice of the day. There is something about dressing like this that brings out a female side of me I didn't realize I had until we started doing this about three years ago. I haven't exactly been able to quite put my finger on it yet either, and wonder even as I'm typing if I'm going to end up trashing this post before I figure it out!
I'm not one of those women who were fortunate enough to be blessed by the gods with curves...hips that sway when you walk, tiny little waist lines, a bust over which I can't see my actual stomach...I got the long legs (35" inseam) and the height which is a different kind of 'blessing' I suppose. It seems to me that when women started to get away from wearing dresses all the time, we may have lost a little bit of femininity...just a little bit. Not that we don't look lovely and girly and NOT MALE when we leave our homes. But there's something about putting on a huge taffeta skirt, with another gorgeous, ruffled skirt over the top with that bright taffeta just peaking out from
underneath...hearing the rustle of the fabric as I walk, picking up the hem when I go down stairs...putting on a corset with steel boning that makes me stand up tall and straight and shows the girls off like you wouldn't believe! (Even those of us whose 'girls' never reached the full potential we once hoped they would!) When the last grommets have been threaded and the bow tied, the ends tucked into the top of the corset and adjustments made to breasts I rarely see in quite the same way,I look in the mirror and see a woman. She's lovely! And mysterious... She has curves my usual clothes don't always show. And the eyes that look back at me seem just that little bit foreign. When the summer is over and the fair season ended, I'm always a little bit sad putting away those gorgeous fabrics and rich brocades, as if I'm packing away a little bit of myself that only gets to come out for a few weeks a year. I wish I could share what this actually feels like to those of you who might never get the chance to dress up like this. It's as good as a new pair of shoes (again, that says a lot coming from me!) I've yet been able to find an excuse to wear my favorite ensemble to my office, but I'm working on that.